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Puptown luxury boarding
When business trips, international vacations or sudden emergencies occur, Pup Parents in the North Charlotte area leave their dogs with Puptown Charlotte’s capable staff.

Luxury boarding at Puptown Charlotte means that your dog has a wonderful time playing all day, and sleeps in our comfortable accommodations at night. While you are on vacation out of town, your dog is on vacation at Puptown Charlotte! If you have Internet access, you can watch Puptown Charlotte’s Pup Cams to see how much fun your dog is having with us.

For sanitary and health reasons, Puptown Charlotte provides your dog with bedding and stainless steel bowls. Although we cannot accept your bedding and bowls, we would like you to bring the other items on the list below.

Food - Please measure out the amount of food your dog will need while staying at Puptown Charlotte. The food should be stored in a zip lock bag or airtight container, labeled with your dog’s first and last name.

Medicines and supplements - Puptown Charlotte staff members will give your dog medicines and supplements according to your detailed instructions. If necessary, please bring these items labeled with instructions in addition to your dog’s first and last name.

Toys - We have plenty of great toys, like giant daycare balls and Kongs, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. You may bring any hard “indestructible” toy, but please leave rope and plush toys at home.

Sunday, April 20: front desk closed all day

Monday, May 26: front desk closed all day
*Please note that we have a 3 night minimum on this holiday

Friday, July 4: front desk closed all day
*Please note that we have a 3 night minimum on this holiday

Luxury boarding is available 365 nights a year. We encourage Pup Parents to make holiday reservations as early as possible; holidays tend to fill up about 1 month in advance.

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