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We understand that dogs are social animals – they need lots of exercise and generally do not like to be left alone for long stretches of time.

We also understand that you are a busy adult – you juggle a career, family obligations, errands, social functions, housework and (last but not least!) your beloved dog. You are a great Pup Parent, but on certain days it can be difficult to spend enough quality time with your dog.

Puptown Charlotte’s doggie daycare allows your dog to happily exercise and socialize all day long while you are working to tackle your To-Do List. Your dog can run, play, chase, wrestle, lick, cuddle, sniff and lounge at Puptown Charlotte until you are ready to swing by at the end of the day! Many Pup Parents are amazed to see how calm and relaxed their energetic dogs become after a day of doggie daycare at Puptown Charlotte. We firmly believe in the motto “a tired Pup is a good Pup” - and after your dog’s first day of doggie daycare at Puptown Charlotte, you will too!

Puptown Charlotte’s staff closely supervises the dogs to make sure they are staying safe and having fun at all times. Our emphasis on safety and fun means that your dog must come for a Pup Preview Day before you purchase a Puptown Charlotte doggie daycare pass. Please fill out the paperwork below and call us at 704.921.2434 to arrange your dog’s Pup Preview Day.

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