Dogs go home tired and happy after a fun day of exercising and playing with their friends. We arrange small daycare playgroups based on size and energy level — safety first!

Tired Pups are Good Pups

Dog Daycare

We offer doggie daycare
weekdays 7am-7pm

Doggie daycare reservations are not required for passholders

• Indoor play (climate controlled)
• Outdoor play (6’ double fencing and plenty of shade)
• Splash park
• Ramps and play structures
• Dogs grouped by size & energy level
• Maximum of 20 dogs in each playgroup

We Emphasize Safety & Fun

Fun For Pups

The Puptown Charlotte Experience

“My puppy LOVES coming to Puptown 5 days a week! She gets excited every time we pull into the parking lot. Kristen and her team are very welcoming & friendly so drop off is a wonderful way to start each day. Everyone is attentive to my puppy’s need to play, and they’ve helped her channel her energy into appropriate play behavior with other dogs. It’s a tremendous relief to know she’s in a safe environment with caring people all day. It’s also really helpful to bring home a tired dog so I can have some peace at the end of a busy day.”

 - Paisley’s mom

“Rudi loves this place! He can’t wait to get inside! I feel the owner and staff are knowledgeable, love dogs, and seem to have fun with what they do. I appreciated the careful interview process. I’m very cautious and did not want to feel that this was a dog park that allowed aggressive dogs or dogs with behavioral issues. Rudi is happy so am I! Great job Puptown!”

 - Rudi’s mom

“My dog Callie has been going to Puptown Charlotte since they opened. She has gone for both daycare and boarding and has always loved it there. I always have peace of mind that Kristen and her team take great care of all the dogs in their care. Callie is now a senior dog of 17.5 years old and she doesn’t go there as much due to her age/arthritis. However she continues to get great care at Puptown when she goes. She and I both love it!”

 - Callie H’s mom

What pup parents are saying…

We ask all new clients to schedule a Pup Preview Day before purchasing a daycare pass or using our boarding servcies